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It’s me – Lepyruvate

Born and raised in Germany, 10 years detour to the Netherlands. Now the German Palatinate region (Pfalz) is my adopted home. My passion has always been design and creative works in general, but over time I’ve transitioned from traditional art to digital world. My core focus now is climbing and outdoor sports photography. I also have a passion for design in general, outdoor technology (e.g. climbing and slackline gear, bolting, etc.) and the environmental challenges we are facing.



Climbing and other outdoor sports become increasingly more popular. As a consequence, the pressure on nature, climbing crags and outdoor areas is rising vastly. Leave no trace behind – easier said than done. Taking your stuff and waste with you or brushing off your chalk, basic. But what about bolts or the impact of climbers’ presence in nature?

How can we continue to do what we love and how to share that love with others? How can we establish new climbing areas, yet protect the existing ones from arbitrary and nonsensical crag closures? How to spread ethical climbing? And most importantly, how to have the best days of our lives on the rocks and share the passion/stoke for it? These are some of the questions we could have a nice chat about.

Lepyruvate also has a very strong passion for water. With H2O being virtually one of the simplest molecules, the challenges we are facing around it are complex, numerous and very serious. Lepyruvate did his PhD in the field of desalination, thus turning seawater into drinking water. Usually, he is hovering somewhere in between microbiology and process engineering, as he believes that this is where he can contribute to solve some of the challenges.

Breaking strengths, pullout forces, kilonewtons, safety factors, corrosion, glue, dynamic loads, etc – this is what I am also all about, and some may consider me as somewhat of a safety and technology nerd. This is probably rooted in a combination of being scientist and having moderate  fear of heights. Wanting to support nature protection, climbing, bolting and to stay involved in the newest developments, I am engaged in several associations.


  • German Engineering Association (VDI) – member
  • International Slackline Association (ISA) –
  • Palatinate Forest Association (PWV) – member

So what about Lepyruvate?

Pyruvate (/paɪˈruːveɪt/) is the conjugate base of pyruvic acid (CH3COCOOH), the simplest of the alpha-keto acids. Pyruvate occupies a central position at the intersections of key metabolic pathways that are crucial for providing the energy to maintain life and for the synthesis of cellular material. For example, pyruvate can be created from glucose through glycolysis or converted into carbohydrates, fatty acids, lactic acid, or the amino acid alanine.

In short, pyruvate is a very simple, yet extremely powerful and important molecule that is crucial to sustaining life.

If you want to get to know me better, I invite you to read the interview I did with Common Climber here.

I’d love to hear from you – whether it’s an image request, or if you would like work with me. If you have a great idea, know beautiful climbing routes, or can fuel me with the newest technology developments –  reach out to me and get in touch now.