DREAMBODY is a research project on the relation between landscape and storytelling and how that stimulates our imagination and informs our body.

The presence of the Rhine is explored on different levels: from interviewing people about their relationship with the river to exploring the presence of the river and the quality of water as an element in the outer and inner landscape.

The landscape becomes the space in which human stories unfold evoking images to be embodied.

from http://www.inmotiondancetraces.nl/projects/dreambody/

A presentation of the first phase of the project with video and live performances was given on December 12, 13 and 14, 2014. The main location of the event was the barn of the Wolfswaard in Wageningen, but part of the performance was also given at the riverside of the Rhine.

The barn of the Wolfswaard – A photograph taken from the outside of the barns entrance door. The photograph was taken at the end of the performance with 8 seconds exposure time (F/10 and ISO640). Using the light of a cellphone allowed me to limit the huge dynamic range from the dark outside compared to the very bright inside. Furthermore, the cellphone light is a cold LED enabling to extend the photographs contrast to cold/warm, and to create e.g. the mystical shadow around the handle.

The performance started with a video interview showcasing Mark Verdoes, an artist with an atelier at the river Rhine (webpage). During the interview Mark states that his work is about „nature, about energy, and about flow“ – With his work he wants to evoke original thoughts in individuals, which are valuable to themselves. For me it did not need his work, but his words were just enough to evoke some thoughts about flow, the different scales of dynamic and static, etc. (Thanks Mark). I had my camera with me and had a bunch of ideas how I could dress my photography in the concept of flow. One thing was sure – There is a need for long exposure times.

On the way to the Rhine – This photograph was taken on the way from the barn to the riverside of the Rhine, where a part of the performance took place. The blurry image of persons walking towards the riverside was achieved by using long exposure of 15 seconds (F/22 & ISO100). 

At the riverside of the Rhine the first performance by InMotion dance traces, an international group of passionate and dedicated dancers/movers, was given. On the way back to the barn their only male member Joao was waving the banner of peace.

The banner of peace – The three small circles represent the arts, science and spirituality within the one greater circle of culture. To represent the blood we all share, the color of the banner is red. The photograph was taken at: F/2.8; 1/80 seconds; ISO640 and converted to black & white in post-production.

Back at the old barn of the Wolfswaard the performance continued with alternating video-interviews and live performances by InMotion, mixed up with videos projected on the inner walls of the barn. Some selected english translations of the video interviews can be found here. The performances of the InMotion group contained many static and dynamic features, very similar to my idea of „static and dynamic movements within different scales of the same element“ that evoked from the interview with Mark. I again choose for long exposure photographs, trying to capture my perception of flow.

Nothing is forever – Photograph of the performance and video-interview using 15 seconds exposure time (F/14, ISO100, black/white in post).

Motion captured – Photographs taken during the performances (F/8, 2 seconds, ISO250).

The concept of flow – Captured with 3 seconds exposure time (F/8, ISO250). 

The last one – Captured with 10 seconds exposure time (F/10, ISO250). 

The evening was rounded up with tasty pumpkin soup, warm tea and a talk with the performers (all included in the tickets my girlfriend bought for us).

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“…I probably live close to the river or simply….I am the river”

Artistic Direction: Marisa Grande

Film & Edit: Raul Anderson

Music Composition: Erik Woltmeijer

Light: Vital Robat

Production: Petra Vossenberg & Veronika Semelkova

Performers: InMotion dance tracesSarantoula Sarantaki, Linda van Kleef, Amandine Pastor, Lian Kasper, Petra Vossenberg, Rachel van Ooteghem, Shuhang Wang, Veronika Semelkova, Annabel Garriga, Femke Jansen, Elena Degli Innocenti, Gonne Beekman & Joao Gouveia.


The project was financially supported by “Maak het in Gelderland”, a cooperation between Cultuurmij Oost and VSB Fonds. The makers are furthermore grateful for the contributions of the Ekoboerderij De Lingehof and the Lazuur Food Community.